B Heroes is an acceleration process aimed at companies with a high innovation content, with headquarters in Italy. The selections will start at the time of submission of applications and will be progressive during the course. The companies will be evaluated first on the basis of the materials presented and subsequently in relation to the best skills of entrepreneurial development and enhancement of the skills provided.

B Heroes will also be documented through a television format with the aim of promoting the dissemination and promotion in Italy of the culture of entrepreneurship.
The program is divided into the following phases: presentation of applications for participation, pre-selection, selection, acceleration path, final.

To submit your application form, you must fill out the form on the platform, in the "take part" section, with the required materials.
After a first skimming - carried out by the evaluation committee by Boost Heroes SpA, project partner, through the vision of materials and possible territorial events - the selected companies will be involved in the first selection event to be held in January and from which will emerge those that will participate in the Boost Camps and will receive an investment of € 50,000 (fifty thousand / 00 euros), count on a coach assigned to them and access training advice managed by the foundation directly or through its partners.

The acceleration program will have a duration of about 3 months, during which the selected companies will have to develop and strengthen their project and following which a further selection will be made that will lead to the appointment of the best participants. The selected companies will take part in the final evening in which the company will be appointed that will access a minimum investment of € 800,000 (eight hundred thousand / 00 euros) made available by the investor partners. In the event that several companies are selected as the best ex-aequo, the total investment of 800,000 euros can be divided between them.

Included in the application for participation will also be the release for the publication of their images - photographs, video - with particular reference to the documentation of the program through the filming carried out to create a format in five episodes that will be broadcast on the web and on TV, through the collaboration with Discovery Italia.
More information to participate and the various stages of the path are available in the Regulations that must be accepted in order to participate in the program.

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