Private Equity

Private equity refers to capital or funds which are not traded publicly. It is composed of investment funds, from high-net individuals, directly invested to purchase shares of private companies or to acquire public companies.

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Anarock Investment Real Estate Real Estate Professionals Private Equity
+ 29 more
1 month ago Details
Baker McKenzie Real Estate Private Equity Finance Energy
+ 14 more
19 days ago Details
Bitreal Capital Private Equity RE Investments Blockchain
+ 3 more
17 days ago Details
Blackstone Private Equity Financial Services RE Investments Invest. & fund. (startups)
+ 2 more
2 months ago Details
Blue Sky Private Equity RE Investments Asset Management
+ 2 more
5 months ago Details
Brookfield Asset Management Private Equity RE Investments Sustainability Asset Management
+ 3 more
4 years ago Details
CapitalBrain Investors Assets Real Estate Real Estate Industry
+ 27 more
2 months ago Details
ColCapital Tools for Startups Investors Startups Investment
+ 22 more
3 months ago Details
Colony NorthStar Investors Assets Investment Real Estate
+ 23 more
4 months ago Details
Crowdcube Tools for Startups Entrepreneur Startups Platform
+ 6 more
5 months ago Details
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