Information Technology

A sector engaging with figuring, programming and the transmission of data to facilitate correspondence and communication.

93 profiles in Information Technology

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3D Talo Technology Marketing Virtual Reality Augmented Reality
+ 24 more
9 months ago Details
AdNovum Tools for Businesses Software Security Information Technology
+ 6 more
11 months ago Details
AJR Solutions Tools for Businesses Technology Platform Software Development
+ 14 more
10 months ago Details
AllThingsTalk Platform Big Data CloudTech IoT
+ 2 more
10 days ago Details
ALPHA BYTE Technology Software Development Art. Intell. Service Providers
+ 44 more
1 month ago Details
AP Valor Real Estate Information Technology Engineering
+ 1 more
1 month ago Details
Aquicore Platform Machine Learning Real Estate Industry Automation
+ 20 more
7 months ago Details
Biix Technology Building Information Technology Tools for Constructors
+ 3 more
5 months ago Details
Buildastiq Collaboration Project Management Information Technology Tools for Architects Tools for Constructors 1 year ago Details
Bumbee Labs Big Data Smart Buildings Information Technology Smart City
+ 22 more
9 months ago Details
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